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Luvi Batik

Introduces Indonesia through crafts that are uniquely Indonesian; especially the batik as shown with the use of the Garuda as the logo. 


Luvi Batik

Batik is an Indonesian cultural inheritance that has been recognised by UNESCO for its high aesthetic value and has been an integral part of the Indonesian culture. The many different colours and type of traditional batik are due to the diverse philosophy and culture of the regions. The modernisation of the industry gave birth to a new type of batik; this type of batik is known as ‘Batik Cap’. The pattern for ‘Batik Cap’ is made with a copper block stamp as opposed to the traditional batik pattern, which is drawn with a canting. The traditional batik is known as ‘Batik Tulis’ because the pattern is literally hand drawn onto the cloth. ‘Batik Tulis’ has been recognised as a high value crafts work. 

Through Batik, Luvi wishes to spread the ideal of ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ that has become a symbol of Indonesia’s unity and integrity with its different tribes, religions and races. This diversity is mirrored in the art of Batik that strings many dots together to form a line. 

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